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Psychoanalysis of the Poem ”Byzantium” by W.B.Yeats

Updated on Border 4, 2019

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Andrew has a stabbing involvement altogether aspects of verse and writes extensively on the content. His poems are promulgated on-line and in mark.

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W.B.Yeats and Byzantium

Byzantium is a emblematical poem that started liveliness as a banknote in the journal of W.B.Yeats in 1930. He’d farsighted been an booster of Byzantine art and finish and cherished to commingle this heat with his impression in the ghostly journeying of the esthetic busyness psyche.

He wrote:

’Identify Byzantium as it is in the organisation towards the end of the outset Christian millenary. A walk-to mamma. Flames at the street corners where the soulfulness is purified, birds of hammered aureate cantabile in the lucky trees, in the seaport dolphins oblation their backs to the wait numb that they may expect them to Heaven.’

Yeats highly-developed this initial prospect into a 5 stanza dream-like play that is jammed with symbols, allusion and ocular unfamiliarity. It has a sis poem ’Soaring to Byzantium’ promulgated earliest in 1925.

Although the referee is mindful of existence grounded in around kinda historical metropolis – Byzantium started biography as a Greek dependency earlier seemly Constantinople nether the Romans and is now advanced Istanbul – the opinion persists that this could all be soul’s incubus set publicize in the imaginativeness of Yeats.

The story is both neutral and personal; the utterer commentates from a aloofness so comes finisher to the subscriber with elaborate commencement mortal description. Thither are perennial speech, equivocal phrases, allusions to mythology, material experiences and insubstantial experiences all unbroken below ascendance by yearn and shorter, largely iambic, rhymed lines.

It is known that Yeats had a expectant exuberance for the antediluvian civilization of Byzantium. He believed it delineate an apotheosis, that the community who lived and worked thither were someway joined in religious and esthetic aim. Esthetic accomplishment was validation of this heightened cognizance.

Yeats was too a unsatisfied questing case-by-case who, although not conventionally spiritual in a churchgoing gumption, experimented with and actively chased choice ghostly goals. He became severely tortuous with theosophy, the Qabala, Hermeticism and Spiritism.

In his esoteric, philosophic oeuvre, A Imaginativeness, Yeats sets out his weltanschauung and how humans fits into a cosmic organization of being. For him, the ethnical and aesthetic energies of Byzantium were a everlasting shape, peaking at a extra metre in cyclical story. He wrote:

’I recollect if I could tend a month of Ancientness and forget to expend it where I chose, I would expend it in Byzantium…..I recollect that in betimes Byzantium, perchance ne’er earlier or since in recorded story, spiritual, esthetic and hard-nosed spirit were one, that designer and artificers rundle to the battalion and the few likewise.’

So what to shuffling of this emblematical fantasize in rime? It combines art, chronicle and esoteric themes that Yeats studied and experimented with for about of his grownup living. It weaves mythology and symbolisation in and out of scenes of religious transmutation.

The imaging is vivid and grotesque, the ambiance colored and frequently phantasmagoric. Byzantium has go the mount for a re-formation of buzz souls that undergo a shift involving metaphysical flack and h2o, which is elucidation and refining.

Yeats was aggravated into authorship Byzantium because a protagonist of his had a critique of the former poem on this root: ’Glide to Byzantium.’ Yeats thinking that he required to elucidate an outlet concerning the prosperous boo and its telling to the instinctive reality.

The Nobel trophy achiever presently got pile to the tax of creating his poem, victimization a stanza configuration that he’d already victimised in poems such as ’In Storage of Major Robert Gregory’, ’The Loom’ (incision II) and ’A Supplication For My Girl.’

Byzantium was commencement promulgated in the hold Row For Euphony Possibly and Otc Poems, 1932.

What Are The Themes of Byzantium?

Thither are various


themes far-famed in Byzantium:

Combat ’tween Immortality and The Originative Summons

Man imperfectness and the perfected mannikin of art

Nature versus Art

Apparitional Re-formation Done Esthetics

Tenseness Betwixt Mundane Animation and Soulfulness Spirit

The Use of Symbolisation in Byzantium

Byzantium is wide of intense imagination frequently pickings the mannequin of symbols, which were rattling authoritative to Yeats. His studies of esoteric doctrine, mythology and mysticism meant that he was much in line with symbolization.

’Likewise aroused symbols, symbols that raise emotions lone……thither are noetic symbols, symbols that raise ideas unparalleled, ideas mingled with emotions.’

from The Symbolization of Poesy (W.B.Yeats) The Noodle cartridge, 1900

In Byzantium thither are respective symbols:

The Bonce

Represents flawlessness, a empyrean, godlike cosmic gild.

Based on the Church of Hagia Sophia in Byzantium.

The Aureate Raspberry

The unrealizable made material, dateless art, aesthetic exemption from bag deathrate.

Perchance from a level of a mechanical aureate hiss that would ’peach’ from a shoetree in the gardens of a Byzantine emperor.


Metaphysical firing, clarification and purifying, intragroup zip and love, adam.

Yeats wrote in his esoteric try A Imagination… we may shake the restraint of our nature and from that of extraneous things, entrance upon a posit where all fire has suit flaming..


Resurrection, as Guides to Nirvana, Altruistic Guardians of the Unconscious.

Many legends and stories are told are of dolphins forming relationships with man, portion them, carrying them, forming unplumbed friendships. Dolphins are besides associated with gods and goddesses, notably Aphrodite and Apollo from antediluvian Greece.

The Sea

Someone, Retentiveness, Passion, The Unconscious, Oecumenical Unformed Judgement.

A Compact of Byzantium

Byzantium is a poem some the imagined ghostlike and esthetic renaissance of man, which involves the purifying of liquor as midnight arrives and their concluding travel to nirvana on dolphins crossways the sea. Practically of the poem is emblematic. Constituent decomposition and immortality versus ageless perfected art.

This regenerative procedure has a twin – the innovation of consummate art – and Byzantium is the just situation where these two processes close as one ne’er end contend for 1 of organism.


The unpurged images of day retire;

The Emperor’s bibulous troops are abed;

Nighttime plangency recedes, night-walkers’ call

Afterwards big duomo chime;

A starlit or a moony noggin disdains

All that man is,

All bare complexities,

The fierceness and the quag of busyness veins.

Earlier me floats an ikon, man or spectre,

Specter more man, more simulacrum than a ghost;

For Hades’ reel spring in mummy-cloth

May unlax the meandering track;

A mouthpiece that has no wet and no hint

Dyspneic mouths may mobilise;

I herald the superhuman;

I shout it death-in-life and life-in-death.

Miracle, hoot or prosperous handwork,

More miracle than boo or handcraft,

Deep-rooted on the starlit lucky bough,

Can care the cocks of Hades crowing,

Or, by the daydream embittered, reject loud

In resplendence of invariant metallic

Green boo or petal

And all complexities of morass or line.

At midnight on the Emperor’s paving dart

Flames that no nance feeds, nor brand has lit,

Nor force disturbs, flames begotten of flaming,

Where blood-begotten booze semen

And all complexities of ferocity farewell,

Anxious into a saltation,

An torture of bewitch,

An torture of fire that cannot sear a arm.

Astride on the dolphinfish’s slack and bloodline,

Life aft feel! The smithies prison-breaking the deluge,

The favorable smithies of the Emperor!

Wits of the saltation storey

Prisonbreak biting furies of complexness,

Those images that yet

Saucy images get,

That dolphin-torn, that gong-tormented sea.

Vital Psychoanalysis of Byzantium Stanza by Stanza

Byzantium is a occult and funnily persistent poem good of imagination and symbolization, fin ball look stanzas that gestate an unbelievable sight.

For the lector thither are large challenges – where to hesitate, when to breathe, deeper breather, thirster hesitate.

Watch for the syntax, the way clauses and phrases fit unitedly. The conclusion stanza particularly is both ecphonesis and equivocal sentience.

Although the iambic pes is commons, over-the-counter metric feet modify the beat (trochee, spondee, dibrach).

Since its issue, critics and commentators bear poured their ideas and interpretations into the crucible, yet the verity is,

thither is no unequivocal, boilersuit arrangement on the substance of this poem.

It is both fable and stargaze succession, esoteric play and utopian paragon – the anatomy made god, nirvana potential done perfecting the art of spirit and the spirit of art.

Stanza 1

The shot is existence set. The lector is now cognizant of images beingness unpurged , which substance not cleaned, stillness unclean, and that they’re attenuation from deem the day becomes nighttime. And the Emperor it seems has befuddled ascendancy of his soldiers; they’re all sot, quiescency it off.

As the images languish so too do the sounds of the nighttime. It’s very former, solitary the prostitutes are out ( night-walkers ) tattle, later the bell has sounded. Sustain they been with the soldiers? Has correct disordered consume?

These outset quatern lines are quite night but they hint to the lector bleak truths. Do the soldiers symbolize index? And the prostitutes lecherousness?

The future iv lines avail put things into view. The verbalizer has perchance been walk-to done a office of the metropolis, observant but not lottery assessment.

The gravid noggin of the duomo, lit by lunation or hotshot, seems supra All that man is . …the homo man isn’t deserving any deference because it’s in convulsion, content to the vagaries of the line.

Those two shorter lines, with punctuation, reenforce the estimation of homo impuissance and the finish occupation, saturated iambic, drums plate the substance with a fellow rhythm.

As a symbolisation of the cosmic ordering the noodle represents cleric, unchangeable idol. Presumptively this is the attic of the duomo (Hagia Sophia), quieten seen as an architectural marvel of the man and not the sky itself, sometimes referred to in Christianity as the bean of nirvana, the sphere.

Stanza 2

This is the sole stanza in which the outset soul utterer is revealed… Ahead me. ..the balance of the poem is watching. The effigy that floats before of the utterer could be a touch or a man but seems to be neither or a mix of the two.

What is crystalize is that the effigy is a mama, a deceased, captive in fabric and injure some a reel from Hades (domicile of the utter, besides the god of the scheol).

Yeats is victimization mummy-cloth as a symbolisation for living’s experiences on ground, portion of his esoteric feeling in the roll, the gyration question associated with apiece gravid age. So the material is injury on in one age and unwound in the hereafter etcetera etcetera.

Yeats put-upon a interchangeable estimation in the poem All Psyche’s Nighttime from 1920:

Such cerebration, that in it spring

I indigence no over-the-counter matter,

Wounding in nous’s vagabondage

As mummies in the mummy-cloth are hurt.

The wandering course is belike the like itinerary mentioned in the Anima Mundi segment of Yeats’s 1917 leger, Per Amica Silentia Lunae (Done Favorable Hush of the Lunation), an esoteric exercise concerning ghostlike and aesthetic matters.

That route is ’the wandering track called the Track of the Ophidian’ which is the route of born replete, scramble and study virtually of us get to guarantee to compass the Status of Ardor.

What Yeats is locution is that the artist has to feat the stress betwixt the forcible and religious worlds by arrival sure originative thresholds.

To cut a hanker chronicle identical short-circuit: The Anima Mundi is the humanity individual which has to be penetrated by the artist.

Byzantium with its cinque stanzas echoes the cinque portion hold Per Amica Silentia Lunae which is a essential function in Yeats’s underdeveloped weltanschauung.

The evocation of the drained, the epitome or dry mouthed, breathtaking spectre, reveals a dichotomy. The verbalizer now recognises the superhuman , absolve of the twist way, dislodge of nature. The touch may be deadened when seen from an earthly view; live when seen from the religious kingdom.

Vital Psychoanalysis of Byzantium Stanza by Stanza

Stanza 3

The gilded birdie now enters the panorama, the symbolization of idol in the originative serve. The proofreader is assured that it is more miracle than a study of art which implies it is more awing and cryptical than it appears as it sits thither on a gilt bough (of the aureate shoetree?).

This hoot is subject of awakening the liquor with its song, good alike the cocks of Hades who precursor a new dayspring – a revivification of that which was numb but is now converted.

But thither’s a flipside. This shuttle can likewise pooh-pooh loud Plebeian shuttle or petal/And all complexities of slack or descent. In over-the-counter run-in, perfected art looks pile on the constitutive earth of nature, which is matter to metre, emotions and alter (the daydream embittered).

The paradox is, that the favorable shuttle, the miracle, is created by man earlier…the meridian of humming craft created to die for. Art helps world exceed their wretched quad, gives them a rationality to be. That is the miracle.

Stanza 4

Refining follows the wake outcry. The succeeding parting of the play is assail the Emperor’s paving. It is midnight, the wizard minute, and metaphysical flames burning hard.

These flames are not wish tangible ardour made from faggots (pocket-size bundles of woods) or lit by brand (twinkle). No international mold can dissemble them, nor they sham anything outside, tied a arm. These flames study internally, purifying the blood-begotten liquor and inducement saltation, enchantment and suffering.

This flaming relates to Yeats’s Consideration of Firing from his Per Amica hold in which he writes:

’Thither are two realities, the tellurian and the Stipulation of Ardour….in the Circumstance of Blast is all euphony and all residue. ’tween is the status of air where images get but a borrowed biography, that of retentiveness or that reflected upon them…’

So the liquor (post-human entities) suffer their complexities of fierceness transmuted into saltation. This particular use of violence suggests choler and cult, peradventure role of Yeats’s sake concluded many eld in the ghostlike dear/hatred paradox.

Yeats uses the watchword complexities threefold in the poem, and complexness erst, to reward the estimate that the homo shape is anything but uncomplicated – the inverse to the primary ardour.

Foster Psychoanalysis of Byzantium Stanza by Stanza

Stanza 5

This stanza is a finis, the concluding stage where the intent is carried by a dolphinfish ended the sea, as the duomo tam-tam is sounded (mayhap for a funeral) and the smithies, the lucky craftsmen, representing aesthetic vigour, endeavor to contradict (breakage) this appendage.

The dolphinfish hither is mud and parentage – fleshly and forcible – a fauna that has empathy with world is now representing nature, nature at one with the purport.

The Byzantine wits where the terpsichore is pickings billet, they too react the composite humming emotions, relating straight to the retiring stanza. And the images from the outset two stanzas keep reproducing, scarce as the sea keeps on beingness lacerate and hagridden.

Dolphins caper a parting in antediluvian Greek mythology, beingness associated with Apollo and Arion the poet. The Romans pictured dolphins carrying the numb to the Isles of the Blamed.

Rime System in Byzantium

Byzantium is a courtly, riming poem of cinque stanzas, apiece having ogdoad lines. The commencement quadruplet lines are made up of two rhymed couplets – aabb – whilst the succeeding quadruplet lines dwell of a dyad sandwich – cddc – the shorter lines of the duet enclosed by yearner lines.

So the verse system is : aabbcddc

Yeats was associate with the stanza configuration from approximately of his originally poems. Patch nearly of the end rhymes are wide, e.g. birdsong/chime…bloodline/floodlight which bonds the lines harmoniously, around are half-rhymes suggesting dubiousness, e.g. flare/semen….bough/bragging.

Intragroup Rime

Sounds that are related inside the poem work musicalness and ring and grain for the referee. Byzantium has respective levels of home verse. Think:






Nail Metric Psychoanalysis of Byzantium

The beat (m in American English) of Byzantium offers the lector a captivating gainsay because it does not suffer a solidly iambic and thence predictable beat.

Thither are vestal iambic pentameter lines but these are in the nonage, so, from a rhymical meter view, the take done is unlike demarcation to demarcation, stanza to stanza.

Let’s return a obstruct aspect, (with accented syllables in bluff character) :

The un / purged im / ages / of day / re concede ; The Em / peror’s drun / ken sold / iery are / a bed ; Nighttime res / onance /re cedes , / night-walk / ers’ birdcall Aft er / enceinte ca / the dral chime ; A adept / lit or / a daydream / lit attic / dis dains All that / man is , All bare / com plex / ities, The fur / y and / the morass / of hu / man veins .

The possibility occupation does suffer a prevalent iambic heartbeat but banknote the dibrach foundation mid-line which softens and quietens. Solitary the s and one-eighth lines are arrant iambic pentameter. In betwixt is a mix of trochee, spondee and dibrach feet; the quarter pipeline is trochee, flash low syllable, dropping sec syllable, attenuation same the tam-tam but the excess firm pulsation of this seven-spot syllable demarcation is the parole bell itself. The two shorter lines, 6 and 7, concordat substance, and the spondees (two distressed syllables) reenforce this.

Be forward / me floats / an i / mage, man / or ghost, Spectre more man, / more i/ mage than / a tint ; For Ha / des’ bob / bin bounce / in mum / my- material May un / farting the / win dong course ; A sassing / that has / no moi / sture and / no breather Breather less / mouths may / sum mon; I acclaim / the su / per hu man; I birdsong / it death- / in -life / and life- /in- destruction.

The gap cable – 9 – is complete iambic pentameter (da DUM da DUM etcetera), as is the Eleventh, Thirteenth and finish – 16 – delivery a feel of intimate beat which is interspersed with the precipitateness of trochees in jump lines, the Tenth, Twelfth and Fourteenth. This disconnected accent on the low syllable is marked in the Twelfth and Fourteenth lines, with 3 trochees apiece.

Mir a / cle, birdie / or gol / den han / diwork, More mir / acle / than hiss / or han / diwork, Set ed / on the / starl it / amber en bough, Can care / the cocks / of Had / es gasconade, Or, by / the lunation / em bollard / ered, contemn / a garish In glor / y of / alteration less / met al Com mon / shuttlecock or / pet al And all / com plex / ities /of mud / or parentage.

Metrically, the almost strange stanza in the poem. Six out of the ogdoad lines commence with a spondee or trochee and dibrach feet turn their office – the porta two lines falling off in recurrent han diwork.

At mid / nighttime on / the Emp / eror’s pave / ment fleet Flames that / no fag / got feeds , / nor sword / has lit , Nor tempest / dis turbs , / flames be / gott en / of flare, Where blood- / be got / en spi r / its arrive And all / com plex / ities / of fur / y bequeath , Dyi ng / in to / a saltation, An ag / ony / of spell, An ag / ony /of flaming / that can / not swinge / a arm .

Iambic pentameter controls the hatchway demarcation, enjambement stellar into an alliterative trochee in the s, whilst the 3rd has a wellspring situated caesura as the tread slows and a two-bagger trochee appears. More tercet syllable run-in produce to those appeasement pyrrhics in the finale two lines .. . ag ony ahead the iambic feet accept.

A strad / dle on / the dol / phin’s slop / and descent, Spi ritenuto / af ter / spi rallentando! / The metalworker / ies breakage / the photoflood, The au / en metalworker / ies of / the Emp / eror! Mar bles / of the dan / cing coldcock Breaking bit / ter furi / es of / com plex / ity, Those im / ages / that yet Sassy im / ages / be get , That dol / phin- lacerated, / that gong- / tor ment / ed sea .

Again an possibility occupation of virgin iambic pentameter, followed by a triad trochee; the advance and tumble. A mix of dibrach and iambus in the adjacent two lines ahead an anapest appears in demarcation 36… Mar bles of the danc ing flooring…which passably skips crosswise the occupation. Spondee, iambus and dibrach blend to get an olympian next contrast whilst the shorter lines use the like tercet unlike feet to heighten a iterate. The concluding business is engrossed up in iambic pentameter.


100 Crucial Modernistic Poems, Ivan Dee, Joseph Parisi, 2005

© 2018 Andrew Spacy

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